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Spread for 'PopShot Magazine'

'Greeted by Friends', Post-It Panels, 2017

Sketchbook Club editorial piece to accompany self-written article about a visit to TATE Britain's 'History of Queer Art' exhibit, 2017.

'The Girl in the Tower' Spreads for Anorak Magazine #44, 2017. 

Illustration for Marimo Magazine to accompany an article about the anime film 'The Garden of Words', 2017. 

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Spread for Air Bnb's 'Dinosnores' activity book. A Natural History Museum/Studio Anorak Project, 2017

Sketchbook Club editorial: 'Boys by the Lake', 2017. Inspired by a Duncan Grant piece at the 'History of British Queer Art', TATE Britain. 2017.

Illo's for Anorak Issue 45, 2017.

Image for Stir Mag's Winter 2017 Issue, for the article 'Uprooting Patriarchy: Unleashing women's leadership for community-led development'. 2017.

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