'Lizard Lad', Animal Kids (3/3), 2017.

'Boy Bird', Animal Kids (1/3), 2017.

'Fish Gal', Animal Kids (2/3), 2017.

'Greeted by Friends', Post-It Panels, 2017

Sketchbook Club editorial piece to accompany self-written article about a visit to TATE Britain's 'History of Queer Art' exhibit, 2017.

'The Girl in the Tower' Spreads for Anorak Magazine #44, 2017. 

Illustration for Marimo Magazine to accompany an article about the anime film 'The Garden of Words', 2017. 

'Marimo Magazine' scans, 2017.

Spread for Air Bnb's 'Dinosnores' activity book. A Natural History Museum/Studio Anorak Project, 2017

Sketchbook Club editorial: 'Boys by the Lake', 2017. Inspired by a Duncan Grant piece at the 'History of British Queer Art', TATE Britain. 2017.

'Hunting Time', 2017.

'The Bird Jug Witch & The Birds', 2017.

'The Heroes of my Mind', Anorak Magazine, 2016

'The Calais Jungle: Rethinking Food Activism', STIR Magazine, 2016. 

'Harold's Comedy Showcase', Aquila Magazine, 2017.

'Artist of the Month' Postcards, Sad Ghost Club, 2017.

'Artist of the Month' Postcards, Sad Ghost Club, 2017.